September Instagram roundup

Happy Sunday! I feel like I haven't done an Instagram roundup in ageeees, in fact the last one I did was in January. I don't know why I stopped, but this month I felt like doing one again. 

I feel like I've gone on a bit too much about my LUSH products recently, but I've just been loving them. This was a photo I took while taking my LUSH haul photos.

I still can't decide whether I like this photo or not, but I never post photos of myself so I thought it would be something different. 

I LOVE this Zoella Beauty body mist. It smells amazing and the bottle is so pretty. 

I didn't know what to upload and since I haven't taken any makeup photos for a while. I took this photo from my birthday makeup blogpost. 

I really liked this face mask.

I've been loving this nail polish a lot. I got this in the BettyBox (that I wrote a post on here).

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