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Trying *Betty Box for the first time

When us girls go through the time of the month, we all need something to pick us up and make us feel better. When the lovely people at Betty Me reached out to me and asked if I'd like to try their September's Betty Box subscription box, I was extremely interested and excited to share it with my readers. I actually saw this on the lovely Grace Kate's blog and I thought this box looked like such a cute idea. 

If you're not aware of the brand Betty, then I'll explain a bit. Betty Box is a monthly subscription period box with includes things you need and things to make you feel a bit better. The box is £12.99 with free postage and you can choose a day for it to be delivered. You choose whether you want either pads, tampons or a mix of both and they put a bunch of things for you in there too. 

When you open the box, there are three boxes and a drawstring bag. Inside the drawstring bag there are tampons and some liners. Inside the 'for later' box, is a bunch of tam…

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